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Sunday, June 18, 2017  |  3-5 PM
Father’s Day Special Edition: Tincture This!

Explore the fascinating history of tinctures or les medicaments heroiques as you help make an organic healing batch of fresh and dried botanical tinctures from local urban farms.

Mix your own tonic, digestive and immunity boosting tincture-tails in good company while enjoying tasty refreshments. 

Take home an amber bottle of your own tincture mix with a handout of herbal tincture recipes that will surprise your taste-buds as they heal and fortify your body.

 Instructor: Babak Nahid  | Cost: $26/person if purchased by Mon June 12, $30 thereafter. Participants also receive 10% off purchases on day of workshop.



Sunday, July 30, 2017  |  3-5 PM
Caspian Tea Party with Komaaj
 Sun June 25 is SOLD OUT. But you may purchase tickets for July 30, 2017 

Join Hanif Sadr, Caspian chef and founder of Komaaj, a Persian food and culture start-up, as he shares his recent work with farmers in and around his grandfather’s 19th century farmhouse, nestled deep in the lush mountains of Gilan, Iran.

Explore the taste, color, aroma and benefits of each tea as home-made Gilani confectionery melt in your mouth. This presentation will include unique hand-dried teas and home-made Caspian confectionaries found nowhere else, including quince and orange blossom tea and wild borage tea from the Mazandaran province as well as sweet and savory dishes like sugar-free pastry with orange syrup, pistachio and roses. 

You will be able to purchase at a special low workshop price the unique teas and exclusive ingredients you enjoy at the party, with brewing and cooking tips to create your own Caspian experience at home.

 Instructor: Hanif Sadr  | Cost: $28/person if purchased by Mon July 17, $32 thereafter. Participants also receive 10% off purchases on day of workshop.



Sunday, July 9, 2017  |  3-5 PM
Beeswax Candle-Making

Brighten up your lungs and the summer nights with your own handmade Berkeley beeswax candles. Natural, ecological, beautiful, aromatherapeutic, air-purifying (a friend to those suffering from allergies), nothing holds a candle to all natural, pure beeswax candles.

Using locally harvested, unfiltered beeswax, coconut oil, and organic hemp wicks we will make lovely candles in glass mason jars that you and everyone you know will love. Return home with your own hand-poured candle, an illustrated recipe hand-out and the know-how to never have to buy another petrochemical candle!

 Instructor: Babak Nahid  | Cost: $26/person if purchased by Mon June 5, $30 thereafter Participants also receive 10% off purchases on day of workshop.


We are honored to be featured on Zagat’s upcoming Youtube channel thanks to Alembique’s collaboration in the past few years with Hanif Sadr of Komaaj. Read more about Komaaj at New York Times. And taste his culinary magic here at Alembique where it all began…

We are excited to announce our partnership with Green Skies Vertical Farm to bring you the freshest organic herbs and micro-greens in the Bay Area. Green Skies is a certified organic microfarm located in West Oakland using soil based and bioponic cultivation methods.

You can order herbs and veggies for pickup on Tuesday afternoons at Alembique. 

Simply order and pay online and your items will be harvested on Monday and ready for in store pickup on Tuesdays (1-6 pm).  When ordering, choose Alembique as your pickup location.  

You can now order a variety of fresh, locally and organically grown produce and medicinal herbs at Alembique. You can use these superior ingredients for making delectable food as well as make your own healing concoctions (tinctures, infusions, poultices, teas and more). 

Simply email us and we will see what we can harvest for you from our partner local urban farms, including GSVF.

Our Alembique 2017 micro-harvest of West Berkeley Super Queen Rooftop Honey is ALMOST ready…as are fresh Berkeley pollen and propolis! 

To all our wondrous volunteers and apprentices,

  Thank ♥ You 

♥ Abby Alys Amrita 
Caitlin Deja Elijah Homa ♥ Isaiah ♥ Kendall  Mika ♥ Melina ♥ Michael ♥ Phil ♥ Sama  Sarah  Shelly ♥ Wendy 


Pre-order your unique and heavenly organic gifts for your kitchen, skin and hair, body and health. Email us in advance with your specific needs and we will respond with suggestions that you and/or your gifted one will love.

It’s now even easier to offer the wonderful all-natural healing experience of Alembique Apothecary to some one you care about. Email us with your full name, the gift amount, full name name of recipient, recipient’s address, any message and we will mail or email a paper or pdf gift certificate to the lucky recipient of your choice. The certificate, valid for 6 months, can be used for products and workshops and includes a 10% discount offer on purchases of herbs, teas and spices.

Exclusively at Alembique (while they last!):

  • Rare Rose & Jasmine Oils Wild-crafted and traditionally steam-distilled, from small village farms.
  • Organic Aromatic Distillates (the embodiment of the maxim “only wear on your skin what you can drink!”) including healing distillates of chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, sage, jasmine, peppermint, mullein and helichrysum.
  • Fresh Organic Tinctures including eleuthero, schisandra, yarrow and California poppy.
  • Organic Medicated Oils including heal-all, frankincense, arnica, St. John’s Wort, witchhazel, comfrey, olive leaf, turmeric and rosemary.
  • Healing Handcrafted Products including St. Rose and St. Jasmine Healing Perfume Balms, Sore Away Balm, and Cardamom, Avocado & Shea Body Butter.
  • World’s Best Face and Eye Creams including St. John’s Wort Luscious Face Cream, Royal Primrose Face Cream by Jesmine Reymond.
  • World’s Best Oral Health Toothpowder with white oak bark, pomegranate peel, propolis and spirulina.
  • World’s Best Ingredients including the highest grade of Persian saffron, rose buds, organic red and green rooibos, honeybush, helichrysum, reishi, and freshly harvested Wakame and Kobu from Bolinas.
  • Medicinal Organic Hot Sauces including lip-smacking, heart-fortifying Red Earth and Turtle Tears by Jared Marchildon.
  • Herbal Chocolate Truffles that enslave your senses and heal your body.
  • Gorgeous Handmade Soap Bars that cleanse and heal by Haley Ferreira.
  • Freshly Picked-to-order Organic Herbs and Roots from our family of local organic farms including calendula, English thyme, Greek Mountain Tea, lavender, sage and milk thistle.
  • Organic Tea Blends like Rose & Cardamom Breakfast Tea, Lovers’ Tea, Happy Skin & Liver, Breathe, Becalm and Sleeping Angel blends.
  • Raw Alembique Honey, possibly Berkeley’s best honey, a precious seasonal gift from our happy rooftop bees to you.


You are a talented maker and DIYer of natural, healing products. Your salve, cream, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, tincture or infusion is made with love and intelligence, so it rocks like no other. You love bees…perhaps you even keep them. You can’t get enough of learning about plants, care passionately about the planet, and never tire of helping your community explore natural healing and handcrafted products instead of petrochemical cocktails from petrochemical corporations.

You are exceptionally dependable, patient, flexible, fun and compassionate. You may be a budding or experienced herbalist or simply a practiced maker who thrives in a small team environment and expects generous feedback. Your are organized and tidy, can visualize serving as crew on a small boat, and often manage your and others’ choppy seas with a wicked sense of humor.

You have no boat, but you have a few hours each week that deserve not to be killed but to be filled instead with a piece of your dream.

And your dream? To become a contributing member of a true community apothecary that seems to have sailed into Berkeley from another century. To learn, to make, to share, and to help teach and to heal. To do what you have always wanted to do, now that you have a day job!

If we took the words right out of your mouth, let’s talk!

Apprentice for a minimum of 20 hours in one month and show us the right stuff, and we will discuss ways you can become part of the Alembique Apothecary experience. For details, email us a one-page statement explaining why you are the right candidate and a one-page resume. If qualified, we will contact you to set up a friendly chat to see if together we can start building another piece of this dream of ours.

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